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B I T C H - The Avengers


Here I forced it to work

Sorry Coulson’s not in the last one.




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old blog got deleted! going to try this one last time.

everyone needs a little Aoba to snuggle with every night and I’m the one to provide you with such needs!

DRAMAtical Murder Plushies at your service!

what you will get:
1st Place: 2 Dramatical murder Plushes as to who ever fits your fancy!
2nd place: 1 Dramatical murder plushie as to whoever fits your fancy!

-Reblogs only! likes do not count!
yes if you entered/enter from the last post in my inbox it DOES count. I just perfer you enter with reblogs now!
-naw you aint gotta be following me, I’m just that nice!
- I will ship internationally!
-NO give away blogs!


-If you are in my Gay DMMD family and you win YOU WILL GET SOMETHING SPECIAL THROWN IN since I love my family. if you want to join my family just ask, everyones welcome. (it was once full so if the original members find this and rejoin I will give them their original spot back.)
my gay dmmd family is full! stop asking please!

Thats it guy, Sorry to run the giveaway so weird but I’m not risking this shit again.
The plushes will look like this
and if you have any question go ahead and send me a message. I will try to get to it asap.


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Clear’s Scrap: Game v Anime

As an avid fan of the series (and Clear) I love how the anime did his scene. Mainly because the way to get Clear’s good end in the game is to let the bubbles burst, signifying that Clear is to choose for himself. The anime version however does this by silencing Aoba - Koujaku and Noiz had to be consoled by words “you’re not alone” and “don’t give in” and again with Mink next week. Aoba isn’t allowed to speak in Clear’s mind, thus allowing Clear to decide which path he must take on his own instead of relying on his master’s words.

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I can touch you... Am I still an illusion?

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Aoba has to choose his routes somehow…

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Yeah…i still don’t know what to say…

Yeah…i still don’t know what to say…

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